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Eagle Web Press’ New Brand Identity

Eagle Web Press staff gathered together on June 28th for the unveiling of the brand new identity that marks a new look and new way of doing business for EWP in the print industry!

Mike Connor, EWP General Manager and Marty Leopard, Assistant General Manager, shared that EWP is positioning itself in producing top quality print jobs along with excellent customer service.  They both see a bright future for EWP due to the pride and care that all the EWP staff take in getting a job out the door.

Denny Smith, Eagle Newspapers owner and Chairman of the Board, shared words of praise for all the managers and staff at EWP.  He was pleased with the new logo and appreciated that he was honored in this way.

Following remarks by Danny Perry, Operations Manager and Renee Perry, Customer Success and Marketing Manager, the EWP staff received t-shirts, caps or lanyards with the new Eagle Web Press logo.   Danny and Renee were key in designing and creating the new logo, marketing, planning and website update.

All in attendance enjoyed cake featuring the new logo and ice cream to top off the celebration.

Remarks from Danny Perry ~

  • With heat-set capabilities we have entered a new chapter in Eagle’s evolution.Digital disruption in printing requires us to resonate with a new type of print buyer.  To be relevant in today’s marketplace, we require a modern brand that tells a modern story.
  • The logo was designed by Renee Perry and inspired by Denny Smith and reflects his career as a fighter and commercial pilot.The logo is meant to capture the essence of an Eagle in flight and it acknowledges our past while symbolizing our future.  The logo and meaning behind it marks an important milestone in the evolution of EWP.
  • A significant investment was made in EWP with the purchase of our heat-set press and its capabilities which have brought and will bring new customers and opportunities.Our G7 certification signals our official entry into high-end commercial printing.  The new brand is bringing a new sales focus as we grow in our go-to-market strategy.
  • Our new website will be launched in early August.Our first monthly educational webinar is tentatively scheduled for mid-September.  Our objectives are to increase outbound sales activity and brand equity.  Improve sales volume and profit margins.  Accelerate revenue growth.  We continue to serve newspaper publishers, magazine/periodical publications, business/retailers, ad agencies and print resellers, government agencies, and independent publishers.

The new look of the Hood River News

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Hood River News gets a Facelift

Andy Taylor

Production Director

Eagle Media Lab


In the mid 1990’s, Hood River News (HRN) adopted a new design and style for their bi-weekly paper.  It has served them well for the past 20+ years, and it’s the foundation on which their new design was built.

Using Adobe CC’s suite of programs and built-in services like TypeKit, their new design almost mirrors the old with extremely similar fonts and styles.  A few minor tweaks bring new life to the paper giving it a fresh, more modern look.

The biggest difference with this design isn’t just on the page, but behind the scenes.  Previously, HRN reporters would build their own page in Quark.  They would print, mark, and apply editorial and design changes, often having it crash, and encounter missing font issues more times than they can remember.  Each reporter would spend more time designing the page than writing the story, resulting in stress on all sides of deadline day.

Two weeks before the switch was flipped on their workflow and design, InCopy was installed on every reporter’s machine and training began immediately.  They took to the new software like fish to water and wanted to learn all they could about how this new process would be executed on deadline day.

Deadline day came, and they were ready.  With only a few technical issues, that were resolved with some extra training during debrief, the paper went to press not long after normal deadline time.  Each deadline day thereafter, only sped up the process and gave the reporters more confidence, constantly tweaking their pre-deadline processes to generate the best outcome for the paper.

Small improvements in paragraph and character stylesheets saved seconds that turned into valuable saved minutes during paragraph formatting.  This generated a less stressful work environment and started making the job easier and more fun.

“Formatting ‘Happening’s’ is 1,000,000 times easier than Quark!” – – from employee T. Walker.

Overall, morale seems to have improved and there were even a few laughs – – yes, even during deadline day.

Eagle Web Press Achieves Master Qualification!

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Eagle Web Press, a renowned print service provider located in Salem, Oregon, has achieved G7® Master Qualification, awarded by Idealliance®, a not-for-profit industry group

dedicated to guiding print production best practices, specifications, and standards, worldwide. Eagle Web Press joins a select group of print service providers who have successfully completed training, examination and qualification process of their print production processes, validating their

capabilities to the highest level of global industry standards and specifications.


G7 is Idealliance’s industry-leading set of best practices for achieving gray balance and is the driving force for achieving visual similarity across all print processes. The application of

this method enables printers to reproduce a similar visual appearance across all printing

types and substrates.


Eagle Web Press offers Commercial Printing utilizing Fuji’s XMF Front End Prepress System. Already an efficient print provider, Eagle Web Press looked to Certified G7 Expert, Mike Mackay and the Idealliance G7 Master Program, to achieve further productivity gains to better serve its

customer’s objectives for brand color quality and control.


“Quality and repeatability are important to our customers,” says Marty Leopard of Eagle Web Press. “Our commitment to the G7 method is just one example of how we’re

maximizing our performance, to the benefit of our customers. We look forward to the benefits that standardization brings to both our clients and organization.”


“We applaud Eagle Web Press for utilizing the G7 Master Program to assure consistency and quality in their proofing, brand color management and print processes,” commented

Steve Bonoff for Idealliance. “G7 Master Qualification demonstrates a level of control and expertise that places Eagle Web Press at the top of their field. We applaud their leadership, commitment and support of the G7 Master Qualification Program.”


About Eagle Web Press

Eagle Web Press’s commitment to quality and dedicated staff ensures that you will always receive a quality product. The extensive experience of our management and production team provides you with the highest quality and most complete service available in the print industry. Your success is our success. We have developed thorough checks and balances throughout our management and production workflows. We understand how important quality printing is to your image, your customers and to your success. We do everything possible to make sure that your publication is on time and looks great. Our commitment to quality truly shows that we sincerely care about you, our customer.


About Idealliance

Idealliance® — Where media creators and technology communities collaborate to craft best practices, advance standards, and certify people, processes, and systems to achieve the highest performance in creation, production and delivery of graphic communications.


Allan Campbell,

Digital Imaging Specialist, at Eagle Web Press.

“G7 Master Qualification shows that we have the ability to control the color from the beginning of the press run to the last paper that comes off. The quality of the first paper is equal to the last paper of the press run. It allows the press to run faster, eliminates waste and locks in the printing quality and color consistency through the full press run. It gives EWP the ability to go after long run, high-end print jobs and be able to meet the expectations of our customers. For example, a customer has a magazine that is delivered across the United States, many times they will use several print houses to meet the volume needed and want to make sure that the magazine

printed in New York looks exactly like the same magazine printed in Oregon. The G7 Qualifications gives us the opportunity to bid for those jobs and others that require this qualification,” shared Allan Campbell, Digital Imaging.



2017/18 Eagle Board of Directors

By | Eagle Newspaper, News

Denny Smith Chairman of the board

Joe Petshow president

Mike Connor executive vice-president and general manager, Eagle Web Press

Barret Smith vice-president, real estate

Debra Noland controller, secretary

David Arndt technology director, manager, Eagle Publishing Technology

Chelsea Marr publisher, The Dalles Chronicle and Hood River News

Chris Wilkie general manager, Eagle Mailing

Tom Lanctot past president/retired

James O Smith past president/retired

Maggie Smith Hemmer treasurer


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November 3rd was the Eagle Newspapers – Eagle Media Northwest meeting for sales teams and managers in Hood River, Oregon.

It was a beautiful fall day to be in the spectacular, Columbia River Gorge, with nearly 60 Eagle team members in attendance.

Each Eagle property was invited to present their “best of” ideas for innovative and creative sales and marketing campaigns, run at their location.  A panel of judges deliberated thoughtfully over each entry, in each category, and there were many happy winners who received accolades from fellow Eagles as well as some cash prizes.

Congratulations to all the winners!  To all properties – THANKS – for participating!


Best Special Publication

1st           Total Eclipse – Itemizer Observer

2nd          Valley Sportsman – MoneySaver – Lewiston


Best Self Promotion

1st           It’s Your Business – Idaho County Free Press

2nd          News article suitable for framing – Northwest Boomer &  Senior News


Best Specialty Page or Pull-Out Section

1st           Retirement Community/Medicare Guide – Northwest Boomer & Senior News

2nd          Monthly Winery Guide – Hood River News

Honorable Mention       Seattle Seahawks Section – Daily Sun News


Best Ad Series

1st           Sunrise Chevrolet – Omak Chronicle

2nd          Artisan Jewelers – Hood River News


Best On-line and Print Promotion – combination

1st           Holiday Showcase – Idaho County Free Press

2nd          Winter Auto Care/Tires –  Daily Sun News


Best On-line Media Ad

Honorable Mention        Anytime Fitness – animation/rotating ads – Daily Sun News


Best Ad Idea

1st           Taco Wagon Promotion – Daily Sun News


Wild Card (Sales Enhancing Idea)

1st           Fitness/Health/Lifestyle Section – MoneySaver – Lewiston

2nd          Brainfit puzzle publication – Northwest Boomer & Senior News


Best New Project Planned for 2017/2018

1st           Alexa….give me my news! –  Daily Sun News

Honorable Mention        Organic chocolate bar wrappers –  Columbia Gorge Press

Honorable Mention       Cool Schools – The Dalles Chronicle

Oregon Eagle newspapers are contest award winners

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The Hood River News, Polk County Itemizer-Observer, and The Dalles Chronicle were presented with awards as winners of the Better Newspaper Contest at the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association’s annual banquet in Bend, Oregon on July 13th.


Hood River News received honors for:

1st place – Best Online Coverage for Breaking News:  Mosier train derailment 6/3/2016.  Staff – Ben Mitchell, Patrick Mulvihill and Ben McCarty,

2nd place – Best Special Section: “Savor the Gorge” Staff – team.

2nd place – Best News Photo:  Mosier train derailment fire.  Reporter, Patrick Mulvihill.

Itemizer-Observer received honors for:

1st place – Best Sports Story: “Coming back stronger” Reporter, Lukas Eggen.

1st place – (for the 10th year!)  Best Web Design:

2nd place – Best Editorial: “Prepare now for more PE”; “Looks public, acts public – is it public?”; and “Make the world a better place” Editor, Emily Mentzer.

2nd place – Best Sports Photo: “Get down” Reporter, Lukas Eggen.

2nd place – Best Lifestyle Coverage:  story on veterans fly-fishing, “Casting out” Reporter, Lukas Eggen

2nd place – Best Writing:  series of stories on the Polk County economy, “Boy lives through others,” and “Falls City helps grad heal, grow.”

3rd place – Best Local Column: “Reporter prepares self, cat for disaster,” “Emergency plan lessons learned from Hood to Coast,” and “Reporter Jolene volunteers as a guest judge,” Reporter, Jolene Guzman.

3rd place – Best Page One Design:  issues of March 9, March 16, and July 27   Staff of Itemizer


The Dalles Chronicle received honors for:

1st place – Best Lifestyle Coverage: “A life filled with secrets” Reporter, Neita Cecil.

1st place –  Best Graphics: “Big Sky” Reporter, Ray Rodriguez.

2nd place – Best Enterprising Reporting: “Marine mom goes to boot camp” Editor, Raelynn Ricarte

3rd place – Best Editorial Page: “Hawk and dove story no fairytale”; “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down”; and “Elections:  Apply the Golden Rule” Editors, RaeLynn Ricardo and Make Gibson.

3rd place – Best Spot News Coverage: “TDHS grad saves lives” Reporter, Neita Cecil



2017 NNA Contest Winners

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Springfield, IL –  Judging results have been announced and two of Eagle’s own were recognized as outstanding photography winners in the National Newspaper Association 2017 Better Newspaper Contest and Better Newspaper Advertising Contest.

Hood River News (Hood River, OR) received 1st Place for Best Breaking News Photo for the Mosier train derailment fire in the Non-Daily Division, circulation 5,000 to 9,000 – photo taken by Patrick Mulvihill.  

The Daily Sun News (Sunnyside, WA) received 3rd Place for Best Sports Photo in the Daily Division for Nitro Crash – photo taken by Roger Harnack.

There were 1,433 entries in the Better Newspaper Editorial Contest and 221 entries in the Better Newspaper Advertising Contest for a total of 1,654 entries.  A total of 475 awards were won by 117 member newspapers in 33 states.

Winners will be recognized at the awards breakfast to be held Friday, October 6th, during NNA’s 131st Annual Convention & Trade Show at the Hyatt Regency Tulsa, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

CONGRATULATIONS, to both Patrick and Roger!

Lights – Camera – Action

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Newspapers are more than just print news. In preparation for printing the annual Home and Garden section for the Idaho County Free Press, staffers in March set up an office corner to shoot a promotional video to lead into the section. ICFP video star was community editor Lorie Palmer (left) with lighting by ad representative Lisa Adkison (middle) and videography by publisher Sarah Klement (right).


By | Eagle Newspaper, News

Company President, Joe Petshow, announced a recent move as a win-win for Eagle Newspapers.  Eagle continues its tradition of offering long-time, loyal employees a chance to lead its properties, as Editor, Michelle Te, was introduced as the new point person at Northwest Boomer and Senior News.  She replaces Patty Gilbert, who is staying within the company and has returned to her former sales position at Eagle Web Press.

According to Patty, “After nearly a year as the lead at NWBSN, I had to admit that I missed my position at Eagle Web and the ‘smell’ of print.”

Michelle shared, “Now, I’m both general manager and editor, and I’m excited about the opportunity to lead our publication through these challenging times in the news business. I feel that we offer a valuable product that can grow and develop to meet the needs of our readers.”



Wendy Wolf joined the Moneysaver team in Lewiston, last December.  While hired as the Circulation Associate, she’ll also be taking on an additional opportunity, joining the outside sales team on a part-time basis.

Julie Bock recently rejoined The Chronicle team in Omak, taking on advertising design and sales.  She originally worked at the paper from 1999 to 2014.  Welcome back!

Kirsten Lane packed up her belongings, her doggie, and her sales/marketing skills and said farewell to the Hood River News!  On to an adventure as a new outside sales executive for our team at the Moneysaver in Lewiston, Idaho.

Megan Irish just transferred from The Dalles Chronicle – heading west to Hood River, where she’s joined the advertising sales team at the Hood River News!


Congratulations are in order for Clark Seeley, whose $90,000 in sales over the past four months earned him the award for TOP SALES at NW Boomer and Senior News.  Clark covers sales for Marion, Polk, Linn and Benton counties, in Oregon, a huge undertaking!  In one month, he sold nine full pages – – a record.  He’s also taking on extra duties, helping to oversee and direct the sales staff.

2015-2016 Eagle Board of Directors named

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Board members for the new fiscal year 2015-2016 were named at the recent October meeting. Congratulations!

Joe Petshow – President

Dennis A. Smith – Chairman

Mike Connor – Executive Vice President


David Arndt, Tom Lanctot, Marilyn Roth, Chris Wilkie, Barrett Smith, James O Smith and Maggie Smith-Hemmer.