Sale of central Oregon operations completes transaction

Denny Smith, chairman of the board of Eagle Newspapers, said, “I am proud to have been the owner of Prineville Central Oregonian and Central Oregon Press for the past 44 years.”  Smith went on to say, “I’m especially proud of our employees past and present and all they have accomplished to provide readers of Crook County a quality newspaper.   Their loyal dedication to their community journalism mission and Eagle Newspapers has always been appreciated.   Our employees have played an important role in the lives of people in the Crook County area of central Oregon.”

The Central Oregonian was Smith’s first purchase of a newspaper operation, after the death of his father, Elmo, as Chairman of the Board of Eagle Newspapers in September 1969.  Denny had accompanied his father in 1948 when Eagle Newspapers purchased the Madras Pioneer.

Smith said it just made sense to sell Prineville operations to Pamplin Media Group.  Earlier this year PMG bought the Madras Pioneer, in a six newspaper purchase and it just made sense strategically for Pamplin Media Group to also own the Central Oregonian and the press operation in Prineville.  Finalizing the Prineville operations piece brings to completion the sales transaction that was begun this past January.

Tom Lanctot, President of Eagle Newspapers said, “Pamplin Media Group is a quality newspaper company and this purchase strengthens their presence in central Oregon. PMG’s commitment to quality community journalism mirrors Eagle’s longtime commitment to journalism and service.  Bob Pamplin, Jr. owner of Pamplin Media Group is passionate about community journalism and service to the communities in which they publish.”  He went on to say, “Eagle Newspapers has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Pamplin Media Group.  We have been their printer for many of their products for many years.” 

Smith added, “The sale of Prineville operation only strengthens our relationship.”