Northwest Boomer and Senior News, Salem, OR.

It’s been here and back again for Michelle Te. 

As editor of the Wilsonville Spokesman for more than five years, Michelle had continued her long employment with Eagle Newspapers. However, when owner Denny Smith sold six Eagle papers to Pamplin Media Group on Jan. 1, Michelle and her staff became part of the new company. Subsequently, they even moved offices from Canby to Lake Oswego where they were grouped with the West Linn Tidings and Lake Oswego Review under publisher J. Brian Monihan. 

While the move to Lake Oswego brought several opportunities for Michelle, it did put her much farther away from her Woodburn home and her four busy children. So when the opportunity came up to apply for a managing editor position at NW Boomer & Senior News, it was one she couldn’t pass up. “I felt like all of the experience I’d gained up to this point really led me in the direction of managing a news magazine such as this,” she said. “Many years of reporting, writing and editing for Woodburn and Wilsonville gave me a solid background in news, features and design. I’m excited to bring that together here.” 

Michelle was hired by publisher David Thouvenel to replace Trude McMillin, who has been editor for more than 20 years and was ready to hand over the reins to someone else. “I am excited to have a long-time Eagle professional on our team,” David said. “I first met Michelle while helping put together some website software for Eagle.  Michelle was the top candidate of more than 35 resumes we received from across the nation. It is quite exciting to know Eagle has professionals that match up well with high-quality candidates from around the country. Michelle was the solid choice of an internal team of NW Boomer & Senior News staff members,” David added. 

And that brought Michelle back to Eagle Newspapers, a company where she has worked for the past 15 years—minus three months with Pamplin.  “Pamplin is a great company, but I’m happy to be working for Eagle Newspapers again,” Michelle said. “I’ve been treated very well in this company and appreciate the camaraderie and professionalism that exists here.”

As editor of NW Boomer & Senior News, Michelle is responsible for producing four regional editions that are distributed free from Portland to Eugene, as well as on the Oregon Coast, producing both fun and important stories that may be of interest to her audience. She’s currently looking to expand her cadre of freelance writers and photographers. Anyone interested should drop her a note