Two Eagles have seats on ONAC Committee

The Dalles Chronicle general manager Chelsea Marr and Teresa Tooley, who holds the same position at the Central Oregonian, have agreed to sit on the Oregon Newspaper Advertising Company’s committee. ONAC is an arm of Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association, the professional organization of the state’s daily and weekly newspapers.

The committee complements the work of ONAC staff promoting newspapers among advertising agencies and advertisers with multiple locations. ONAC’s one-order, one-bill service encourages advertising in multiple newspaper publications and websites.

“I am looking forward to this year’s Publishers Convention/AdCon in July,” Teresa says. “While I enjoy the ad convention each fall, this is the first year that they are combining their efforts and holding one convention. It not only gives us all a chance to interact with others in the newspaper business, but it gives us a chance to ‘steal’ successful marketing ideas by others. 

“It is also a time to recognize those behind the scenes at any newspaper who make us all look good, the graphic designers. I believe that the best ad contest is not recognition of the sales team, but is a celebration of the creative minds behind them. Here at the Central Oregonian that would be Dena Marshall, senior designer and Brent Shields, graphic design.” 

Teresa says Lisa Lawrence from the Southern Oregon Media Group sent out an email to everyone on the committee with a proposed agenda for the first conference call. “I shared it with my sales representatives and asked what they thought would be valuable to them or if there were other areas and topics they thought would help them in this economy. Lynn McCann, our marketing consultant, would like to get ideas on how to generate website revenue by tying it together with ROP. She would also like a refresher course in sales and techniques with emphasis on the challenges that they (sales reps) face each time they meet with clients in a tough economy,” Teresa says. 

Chelsea Marr feels similarly about the opportunity to serve on the ONAC committee. “I always look forward to any training in our industry,” Chelsea says. “I like the idea of both managers and newbies coming toAdCon because regardless of how long we’ve been in the business, we all learn from each other. “ 

Chelsea adds “We have both big newspapers and small newspapers getting together and sharing ideas that we can tailor to work for our business model. The majority of the projects we’ve implemented have all been from other newspapers. I think all of us like hearing what others are doing in their departments, what is working well and what is not.” 

Eagle chief operating officer Tom Lanctot chimed in with praise for those who took time to be involved with ONPA and ONAC. “It’s nice to see our people staying involved with our state press association, and taking extra time to not only learn from the experience, but also add voices to the interests of our industry.”

The ONPA board of directors has often included at least one Eagle publisher. Currently two are on the board—Al Herriges, Newberg Graphic, and Vance Tong, Central Oregonian. Vance is ONPA treasurer and in line to become president.